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Should you set an Out of Office?

T’is the Season to set healthy boundaries 🎄

an overhead image of a very cosy, festive work desk. There is some brown envelopes, a luxurious hot chocolate topped with marshmallows and chocolate sprinkles and a note pad. On the note pad in pink cursive font reads the words 'Out of Office'
Out of Office

We’re willing to bet our Christmas dinner on the fact that very few employed people felt guilty for turning on their Out of Office today. In fact, they were probably munching on a Quality Street & humming Christmas songs whilst they did it.

But when you’re self-employed it isn’t always as easy as it should be.

Especially when your office is also your bed or kitchen table meaning you’re literally not going to be out of office at all. And if you love what you do, do you really need to take time off? YES.

That little automated email is your best friend & you don’t need an office or a boss to have permission to use it. Whether you decide to be fully offline or just take things slower as the year draws to an end, we all need time to rest.

We’ll be practising what we preach & we’re looking forward to a slow festive break filled with lots of dog cuddles & hot chocolate. For anyone who’s shielding too, we’ll post any fun accessible online Christmas events we see pop up over on our instagram stories @accessfulfoundation. We heard a cheeky rumour that Kinky Boots is streaming free 💃🏼

Here’s to a safe & restful Christmas and a gentle New Year with not a zoom call in sight!

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