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Free Webinars

Bridging the Gap

A fantastic way to introduce yourself to the charity is to take part in our free monthly webinars.

Hosted online by the charity via our social media, website and platforms like Zoom, we speak with business leaders, disabled entrepreneurs and fantastic speakers from a range of backgrounds.
These webinars are often Q&A based and promote the creativity of our community through a Q&A interviews, panel discussion or via a teaching format, with skills and information webinars on a host of topics from ‘How To Pay Tax’ to ‘Marketing A New Product’.

Our webinars are designed to be interactive, informative and innovative. We invite speakers based upon the needs of our community and audience and are always interested in hearing from you on who you may like to see speak next.

As webinar users can join in as and when they feel comfortable to, it also allows for a light introduction for people that may be hesitant to begin a relationship with the charity for any reason. We also believe that having an outlet that people can get involved in from home is important, as a disability charity. Equally – those that may wish to one day access mentoring or grant making are able to get involved with the charity in this introductory way.

Webinars are usually recorded and then captioned, and we are working hard to raise funds to be able to afford to include BSL translators to increase our accessibility.

Our next webinars can be found on our events page, but do keep an eye on our social media (links at the top of this page!) for more information.

No upcoming events at the moment
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